Why You Should Choose a Denver Mobile Repair for Your Hail Damage


“If I discover a massive damage on my car, I would immediately call my insurer and file a claim and do as they instruct me.”

It is what most of us would do, right? Plus, it seems to be sensible since you have known your insurers for many years. However, it may take up to months for an adjustment to come and check your car, draft an estimate, and provide you with an estimate check.

There are a couple of caveats here. Firstly, you are more likely to lose a lot of money during the waiting process. Additionally, the first estimate is barely a professional or in-depth estimate carried out the right way using the right equipment. So, you would expect the initial estimate to be up to 50 percent of the real damage to the car. Depending on the circumstances and many people would receive the money and vanish with it. Keep in mind the insurance providers depend solely on this.

You may receive a $4000 check and use it to reduce your debt – most people opt for this option. But in reality, if the total cost in damage is $7000 and you are repaid $4000, you have lost $3000, and you are unaware of this. You will only realize this later when filing another claim or when trading it in.

Assuming you know the value proposition and you truly want your car repaired. Your insurer would be willing to share with you the name of repair stores recorded on their “preferred vendor” list. Is this a problem? Somehow yes. A repair shop in this list has some form of partnership with your insurance provider.

So, these service providers will not pay your deductibles or help you pay for a rental car or other expenses. Instead, they can only work under certain conditions and favor the insurance provider to continue receiving business from the insurance company.

It is not a must to work with a repair shop your insurance provider has recommended to you, plus you don’t have to wait for long before your car is repaired. Keep in mind, the longer your car takes to be repaired, the more your insurer benefits. Nonetheless, you are allowed to choose a repair shop of your choice.

When you work with a credible hail damage repair company, who is committed to providing the best service and topnotch results, you will be happier in the long run.

Suppose you have done a little research and have already settled on a hail-damaged car repair company to work with. It would be best to take your vehicle and leave it off with them as soon as you can. A credible repair company knows how to repair hail damage and would be more than happy to communicate with your insurer and show you how to claim damage for auto insurance or even file a claim on your behalf while taking care of your car.

This will prove to your insurance provider that you are very serious about having your car repair. You will not have to wait months to have it repaired,

How is hail damaged assessed on a car?” you may ask. Well, Denver Mobile Dent Repair will contact an adjuster on your behalf to come to our shop, the right environment, and access the condition of your car in special hail inspection lights. In this case, the adjuster will take notes, mark the damaged areas, and approve them.

How does insurance pay for hail damage?

Your insurance provider will cover hail damage as long as you have comprehensive insurance once an adjustor evaluates your claim and approves it. The insurance will go ahead and cater to the expenses.

If you are in Denver and are looking for a reliable hail damage car repair company, get in touch with Denver Mobile Dent Repair on (720) 504-2828 and we will be happy to serve you.

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