If you don’t have a carport or garage, repairing your car from hail damage can be costly, but there are numerous hail damage tips to prevent digging deep into your pockets.


You can minimize potential hail damage by wrapping your car with thick blankets in your home as one of the essential hail safety tips. That’ll prevent scratches and scuffs as you move around in your car and keep car windows intact by intercepting hail impact. However, you can still purchase some moving blankets to get the work rounded out for you.

These moving blankets usually vary in cost, and you can purchase them at moving hardware and supply stores like Lowe’s and Home depot. Usually, thicker and higher-quality moving blankets will cost between $25 and $45, but the cheapest ones cost $10 and $15.

Better yet, an old blanket at home can still serve you perfectly. Your less-used or obsolete blankets can still block and intercept hail and fit perfectly well. However, you must tie it down to your car properly to prevent it from getting blown away as you move.

protect car from hail

When blankets are unavailable, you can still use other means, trips, and tricks, including cardboard boxes over your windows and your car’s body. You can stash them under your car’s windshield or flatten them before weighing them down with heavy items to hold. Perhaps, double folding them will add some much-needed cushioning, but using single layers can still help.

However, hail may take a toll on your car, causing immense damage to the body, the interior, and the windshield. In that regard, you should let your car insurance cover you and take care of the damages. Just be sure these claims don’t impact how much you pay in premium every month since several claims packed together can skyrocket how much you give to your insurance provider. Therefore, understand your insurance policy and get clarifications from an agent.

Repair Hail Damage

Repair works precede hailstorm events, which should help restore the dents and dimples left behind. These repairs are possible and incredibly efficient since they don’t disturb your car’s factory finishing. Most body shops do Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) to massage the car’s underside panel at the point of damage using special tools until the dent disappears.

Here's What You Can do if a Hailstorm Wreaks Havoc on Your Car

You should know what alternate routes you should take for hailstorm safety if too much water accumulates on the road. Attempting to drive through nonetheless can permanently damage your car’s engine. Usually, waters reaching about 12 inches can sweep your car off the road if you choose to drive in hail, besides adding to the danger of such roads collapsing. Afterward, you can do the following pertaining to your insurance claim:

  • Report your claim immediately by calling your insurance provider.
  • Have a chat with your insurance representatives and agree on the most feasible ways of repairing the damage.
  • Do the actual repairing of the damaged car by contacting Denver Repairs through (720) 504 – 2828.
  • After repairments, ensure that you inspect it thoroughly and ensure that it’s beyond your satisfaction before taking it home.
  • Obtain contact information and a written guarantee from the shop before hitting the road.

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