Hail Damage: Things to Consider Before Talking to your Insurance Company

Hailstones usually do not weigh or measure that much. The approximate measurements are a quarter an inch and some few ounces for the diameter and weight. However, sometimes they can reach the ground weighing more than one pound and over 6 inches in diameter.

But hailstones can severely damage houses and vehicles, regardless of their sizes. That means that a small hailstone can equally cause much damage just like a large one.

Now, if you think that hail damage is shocking, wait until you see the repair charges. Thankfully, the standard home insurance and auto insurance covers hail damage, that is, if you’ve paid for comprehensive coverage for your car. Read on to learn about some important details on hail damage coverage.

How Much Is Covered By Home Insurance for Hail Damage?

Hail damage is a common claim by homeowners insurance. It covers approximately 70% of properties that are insured. In 2018, statistics say that hail damage insurance claims reached more than $10 billion. Most policies will compensate homeowners for structural damages on their property that are caused by perils such as hail. That means they offer coverage for windows, roof, garage, porch, appliances, and deck. However, the exact amount that one receives depends on the deductibles and limitations they chose when buying their policy.

hail damage

Car Insurance and Hail Damage

Hailstones don’t just damage your property, but they can also severely damage your car. So, does car insurance cover hail damage? Well, that depends on whether one has comprehensive coverage in their policy. This coverage protects your vehicle from damages that result from other things and not just collisions. And that includes damages from hailstones.

Now, most times comprehensive coverage is not mandatory. But, if someone takes an auto loan or leases a car, they must pay for this coverage. Some people don’t buy comprehensive coverage to keep their premiums low. But whichever your reason for not paying comprehensive coverage is, know that you’ll not be compensated in case of car hail damage.

Also, most people often assume that their insurance will compensate them for hail damage, only to be surprised later on. To avoid disappointments, always ensure that you review your insurance policies on home and car to ensure that it covers wind and hail damage. If this is not covered, you should think of buying wind coverage, which is an insurance program by the state.

Does Hail Damage Reduce My Vehicle’s Value?

Comprehensive coverage caters to hail damages on cars. However, the repairs occur once you’ve paid your deductibles. But whether hail damages reduce your car’s value depends on the repair method you use. For instance, if a person uses the Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) method, it removes the dents permanently and they won’t be recorded on Carfax as they were reversed and not repaired. That means that the hail damage won’t affect the price when you want to sell your car.

But if you choose to have the dents repaired, your car’s worth depreciates per dent. Note that repairing dents from hail damages costs between $75-$225/dent. That means one will either pay for the full repair cost or offer the buyer a low price.

Act on Hail Damage Immediately

If your car was damaged by hail, please talk to your insurance immediately. The repair charges will be covered if you’ve paid for comprehensive coverage. However, this will be minus deductibles.

Also, call your insurance or agent if your property was damaged by hail. If you can, take a picture of an item that can show the hailstone’s size. This will help prove that the hailstones led to the damage when you apply for the hail damage insurance claim. Also, take photos of any damages on your property.

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