Got A Dent On Your Car? Here’s How You Can Choose The Right Dent Repair Service

We get it – having dents, bumps, and scratches on your car can sometimes be inevitable, no matter how careful your driving is. Sometimes, it just really happens! And while it can be annoying, there are different professional solutions available to solve it.
Choosing The Right Dent Repair Service For Your Car
When it comes to repairing dents, it is important to first of all identify how severe the damage is. Nowadays, many DIY dent repair kits are available for purchase online, giving you the opportunity to fix the dent yourself and (hopefully) saving you some buck at the same time. But, if you’re not born with pro handyman skills, things may not exactly pan out.

And if you think you can’t handle doing the tough job yourself… hand it over to the professionals. Here are two options you can choose from:

Traditional Body Shop
Traditional body shop work is generally the more intricate and intrusive route when it comes to fixing dents. This makes it the more feasible option if the dent of your car is big and very deep. This also works well for dents that also caused the paint to be badly scratched or stripped off. The traditional body shop also works well for cars that have broken, damaged, and/or even missing parts that came with the dent.

That being said, this method is most likely recommended for cars that have extremely severe damages. Keep in mind that this car dent repair method can be costly and may take a while before the job gets finished.

Traditional body shop work uses more intricate and intrusive methods in your car. And while this may not be good for minor or surface-deep dents, this method is very useful if the dent is very deep; or the car paint has been badly scratched, or there are damaged, broken, or missing parts involved with the dent.

Paintless Dent Repair
Paintless dent repair is the route to choose if your car’s dent(s) are not as severe. This method is generally more affordable as it follows a procedure that successfully removes dents in a less intrusive way. Essentially, this procedure works well on all types of minor dents, small dings, and creases.

Paintless dent repair works really well in fixing shallow dents. As a rule of thumb, the shallower the dent, the better and more polished the results from this dent repair method will be.

Moreover, this technique of repairing dents is quite simple. The procedure makes use of special tools that slowly and intricately mold the metal back to its original form, preserving its pre-dent aesthetic. Specially-designed tabs and glue are also used to pull out the dents and assist in reshaping the body.

In Summary
While dents and dings are a part of owning and driving a car, they are quite pretty easy to get rid of! Whether you choose to DIY your way out of those dents or seek the help of a pro, it is important to know which procedure will work best for your needs.

And if you have decided that you need our help in getting that dent fixed, call us at (720) 504 – 2828 and consult with us today!

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