We do our best to make fix and deliver auto hail repair service quick and easy

Auto hail repair service

When a hail storm hits unexpectedly, unless your car is safe in a garage it is almost impossible to prevent getting some hail damage. 

My auto was damaged by hail storm. Now What?

1. Take a close look at your car in different lighting, some hail damage is very obvious, however, small hail dings can be tough to find.
2. Check your insurance coverage. Confirm two things: your car is covered for auto hail repair service, and find out your deductible.

3. Arrange a time to have your vehicle inspected.
4. The insurer will provide a price quote– THIS IS NOT THE REAL EXPENSE OF REPAIR. For the actual cost of fixing call a licensed repair facility, call us.

5. Ensure the repair service is dealt with professionally.

We also focus on hailstorm repair services for insurer, dealers, fleets, as well as individuals. Whether you have one auto or hundreds of vehicles with damage, we assured repairs are provided promptly with expert service. Denver Mobile Dent Repairs is a rapid response firm that activates right away after a destructive tornado occasion. We make use of the most current technology and strict quality control techniques. Our years of experience in the industry will help us put you at ease knowing you’re dealing with top dent repair experts that strive for complete client satisfaction.

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