5 Tips How To Prepare For Severe Weather In Denver


As summer season approaches in Colorado, it is a great idea to be prepared for severe weather. While thunderstorms, lightning and hail are quite interesting weather phenomenons to witness they can wreak havoc on your personal property if unprepared. Severe weather is known to materialize very quickly, come through causing a lot of damage and then clear away when as fast as it moved in along the front range. 

While Denver Dent Repairs is in business to help repair your car, truck or SUV if hail damage occurs we do not like to see our fellow Coloradans suffer from this kind of devastation. So, we have put together a quick list of 5 tips to prepare yourself for severe weather. 


1) Maintain proper insurance on your high value assets. Just like your home must be fully insured to protect it from severe weather, it is a good idea to keep full coverage insurance on all of your vehicles. If you only have liability insurance, this will not protect your car, truck or SUV from hail, flood or other accident damage (unless the person who you are involved in an accident with is insured and it was their fault). Only full coverage insurance will give you the coverage needed to get hail damage to your vehicle repaired. 


2) Park your vehicle in a garage, carport or other sheltered area. Is your garage full of stuff and vehicle sitting outside in the driveway or on the street? This would be a great time to clear it out and leave space in your garage to be able to park your vehicle inside where it will not be susceptible to hail damage, vandalism or other cars accidentally hitting it. 


3) Know a location where you can go and cover your vehicle in case of a storm. Not all of us have the luxury of parking our vehicles inside a garage or carport. However, many of us do live near covered parking lots, gas stations or other areas where we can drive our car to get it sheltered. If you start seeing hail come down, it might be a good idea to hop in your car and drive to a sheltered are where your car will be safe and wait out the storm.


4) Have a plan in case of severe weather. If you do not have a garage or need to have your vehicle parked outside during the summer months for a prolonged period of time, it is a good idea to have a plan of action in case a hailstorm comes through. First off, try being prepared by checking weather, or using a weather app that will give you alerts on severe weather in your area. Scout out a few places near your home that you can quickly drive to shelter your vehicle. If planning to have your auto parked outside for a long time during severe weather season , consider using a rideshare service to get to your destination instead of leaving your car in a parking lot for extended time periods. 


5) Have Denver Dent Repairs on your speed dial just in case. We can not always protect our car from a hailstorm, accident or vandalism. So, make sure to keep us in your speed dial and let us know as soon as you have realized damage to your vehicle. When a hailstorm hits in the front range we quickly get backlogged and if you want to get your car repaired sooner than later contact us right away. We work with every major insurance company and provide free estimates, you can reach us directly at 720-504-2828.

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